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Facts about WSIB Claims

WSIB disability fraud is a reality – in fact, this type of fraud is unfortunately widespread – but Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services in Dundas, Ontario provides assurances that you, as an employer, can do something about it.

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Ontario is “an independent trust agency that administers no-fault insurance for Ontario workplaces.” The agency directs worker benefits on behalf of employers. In the case of disability and accident claims, this has created opportunities for fraud.

Bay Area Investigations understands what to look for when handling WSIB claims investigations. Some indications of fraud may include:

If a reported accident occurs at the time of a layoff, job termination, completion of a project, or for a seasonal/contract employee;

If the claimed injury occurred just before or following scheduled time off;

If the employee delays providing a realistic explanation of the claim of injury;

If there is ongoing difficulty contacting the off-duty employee at home;

If information contrary to the claim is received from a spouse, friend, or work associate;

If the claimant frequently changes doctors or healthcare providers;

If the claimant has a record of substance abuse or high absenteeism.

These are only some of the warning signs that might indicate fraud – but there can be many more.

Bay Area Investigations are experts at WSIB fraud investigations. The company is sometimes asked to do an activity check. For example, if it’s been six months since an employee sprained their wrist, then that employee should be back at work. If the employer suspects that person is okay and is simply trying to take the summer off, one thing that Bay Area Investigations will do is look for activity that isn’t consistent with what the employee says he or she can or cannot do.

Most employers won’t investigate every claim but some cases have red flags. Bay Area Investigations will conduct surveillance on the person, such as a week in the life of the individual. Clients receive a fully detailed report of activities along with pictures and video – and it is all admissible at WSIB hearings.

Bay Area Investigations’ investigators handle background investigations, the witness interviews, and provide surveillance that will assist with claims management or litigation. The firm understands that files of this nature are subject to arbitration and litigation; investigators are fully prepared to assist with evidence preparation.  

Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services specializes in accurate, complete, and discreetly gathered information. Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services serves its clients with the utmost in professionalism and attention to customer needs – backed by over 30 years of industry expertise!

Contact Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services by calling 905-639-2959 or at the 24-hour toll free number at 1-877-807-1944. You can also email

Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services Ltd. is located at 280 York Road in Dundas Ontario.

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