“High Risk” employee dismissals

High Risk Employees

Terminating “high risk” employees poses considerable risks if an employee might be inclined to violence, notes Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services in Dundas, Ontario. However, there are methods of handling job terminations that can ease the process and reduce the potential risks.

Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure workplace safety for all employees. Although most companies enforce a zero-tolerance policy for workplace violence, volatile situations can arise when terminating an employee or group of employees that might be viewed as “high risk.”

High-risk dismissals can occur for any number of reasons: word of layoffs or downsizing, termination of business operations, or other factors that create stress to an employee, be it real or imagined.  

Possible hazards concerning high-risk terminations lead to the following questions:

•    Is there a risk if the HR department feels that they need to dismiss someone?

•    Will the dismissed individual react in a bad manner?

•    Might the individual retaliate at the moment of dismissal or even days later?

Bay Area Investigations works with HR departments to evaluate the risks before and during the dismissal. Additional systems will be put in place after the dismissal to ensure the workplace is secure and employees are well protected.

Risk assessment can include any number of factors, such as whether there are any narcotic and addiction problems, whether threats were ever made by the employee, if the employee has any history of aggression, if there is any reason to believe the employee has targeted someone, and even if the employee has any crime connections.

Bay Area Investigations will reduce the risk and threat of workplace violence during a dismissal and minimize the potential liability to you, the employer. Bay Area Investigations can also provide you with additional security after a termination to safeguard your employees and company property. Bay Area Investigations has the expertise to implement the means to control any possible repercussions from a resentful employee, including risk of harm to the employee, the employer, and others.

Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services serves its clients with the utmost in professionalism, industry expertise, and attention to customer needs. Before you proceed with a potentially volatile employee “high risk” termination, consult with Bay Area Investigations.

Contact Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services by calling 905-639-2959 or the 24-hour toll-free number at 1-877-807-1944. You can also email info@bayareainvestigations.com.

Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services Ltd. is located at 280 York Road in Dundas Ontario.

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