Are you an employer who’s hiring? The importance of pre-employment background checks

employee background checks

If you’re an employer who’s hiring, you can’t afford the risks associated with not doing Pre-Employment Background Checks, advises Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services in Dundas, Ontario.

The need for employers to conduct pre-employment background checks for job applicants is now more important than ever before. Background checks can be critical to the safety and welfare of your business, your employees, and even third-parties such as suppliers. Anyone who is unfit to join your firm can jeopardize any part of your company, including its reputation, financial status, or the safety of others.

Background checks provide a company with the means to discover any false information or discrepancies that might not have appeared in a job application or through the company’s employment screening process. Keep in mind: your company could be held liable for property damage, theft, or any harm that comes to another due to one of your hires!

Consider the risks associated with not conducting a pre-employment background check: someone could have a history of violence or be shown to be mentally unstable. There may be a record of prison time served. They may have been involved in previous acts of misconduct or theft.  An applicant may not have the educational experience or credentials that are crucial to the job. Any discrepancy or falsehood for an applicant’s claimed experience or background is a red flag. You need to know these details. You need to know the truth about an applicant.

You, as an employer, have an obligation to your employees and anyone who conducts business with your firm. You also need to protect your business!

Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services estimates that roughly 80 per cent of companies now conduct background criminal checks. The process is part of due diligence for human resources departments because screening prior to hiring can help avoid bigger issues down the road. Criminal, credit, and even reference checks are important to verify the profile and honesty of a job applicant. Pre-employment background checks are indispensable to you as an employer. Background checks reduce the risks of workplace violence, substance abuse, theft, embezzlement, property damage, and a list of other risks.

Bay Area Investigations can provide you with the following information for a job applicant:

•    Same day credit history, criminal record checks, and SIN verification

•    Employment, education, and credential verification

•    Driver’s abstract and address history

Avoid the potential for risk and get the background information you need for a prospective hire!

Contact Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services by calling 905-639-2959 or their toll free 24-hour line at 1-877-807-1944. You can also email

Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services Ltd. is located at 280 York Road in Dundas Ontario.

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