WSIB claims investigations

Facts about WSIB Claims

WSIB disability fraud is a reality – in fact, this type of fraud is unfortunately widespread – but Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services in Dundas, Ontario provides assurances that you, as an employer, can do something about it. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Ontario is “an independent trust agency that administers no-fault insurance for Ontario … Read more

Are you an employer who’s hiring? The importance of pre-employment background checks

employee background checks

If you’re an employer who’s hiring, you can’t afford the risks associated with not doing Pre-Employment Background Checks, advises Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services in Dundas, Ontario. The need for employers to conduct pre-employment background checks for job applicants is now more important than ever before. Background checks can be critical to the safety and welfare of your business, … Read more

“High Risk” employee dismissals

High Risk Employees

Terminating “high risk” employees poses considerable risks if an employee might be inclined to violence, notes Bay Area Investigations & Protection Services in Dundas, Ontario. However, there are methods of handling job terminations that can ease the process and reduce the potential risks. Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure workplace safety for all employees. Although most companies … Read more